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What I Read This Week | 4

I've had a couple whirlwind weeks, with family visiting two weekends ago and a 5 day trip to NYC last week (I met some fellow ethical bloggers!). Trying to catch up on regular blog stuff, but the good thing about train rides is that you have plenty of time to read. Here's what I read this week...

Ethical Fashion

Why I Think Ethical Fashion is a Privileged White Girl Thing - You don't have to agree with all of her points to get something out of this one

Rwanda will proceed with the ban on used clothes despite threats by the United States

Relationships + Self Formation

The Golden Age of Bailing

Future Self (podcast) - explores what can happen if your idea of your future self is too rigid

Can one person make a difference?

Charlottesville KKK Rally

Protesters drown out KKK rally in Charlottesville - so proud of my friends, my church, and my community for their work on Saturday

Environment + Climate Change

The Uninhabitable Earth

Are We as Doomed as That New York Magazine Article Says?

On the Blog Last Year

The Moral Wardrobe: Sporting

What I Read This Week | 3

what i read

Local White Supremacy:

Excuse me, America, your house is on fire: Lessons from Charlottesville on the KKK and “alt-right”

How Charlottesville, Virginia’s Confederate statues helped decimate the city’s historically successful black communities.

Culture + Image:

A new study shows sex doesn’t actually sell

What I Learnt from Karaikal Ammaiyar and Her Closet of Adornments - a beautiful piece on culture, identity, and art

Blog Posts: 

Reasons I thought about quitting blogging (and why I’m still doing it), Life Style Justice

7 Things I've Learned In A Year Of Ethical Shopping, Simply Liv & Co

Just For Fun: 

What is your Hogwarts House Percentage? - I'm mostly Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I got Hufflepuff on the Pottermore Sorting Quiz, too.

What I Posted A Year Ago:

The Paradox of the "Ethical" Fashion Blogger

Summer Dressing with Abrazo Style

Megumi Project Brings New Life to Old Kimonos

The Henna Experiment: Dyeing my Hair with Henna + Numi Tea


A Harvest of Thorns, Corban Addison - I just finished this and will review it as soon as I get the chance.

Leaving Church, Barbara Brown Taylor - reflections on doing, and leaving, ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church


Your turn. What have you been reading?

What I Read This Week | 2

What I Read This Week | 1

what i read this week

I try to keep up with ethical fashion news as much as possible - I even get Google Alerts for the search term, "ethical fashion" - but during the week I read a variety of articles and posts on politics, religion, and science that probably do more to shape my worldview and my perspective on this blog than the ethical fashion news ever will. That's because absorbing information isn't enough for me. I want broad, introspective, nuanced perspectives that make me think.

So, once a week, I'm going to try to post a "What I Read This Week" post full of links to things that I read and enjoyed. I think it'll be a nice way to share interesting information and it'll feel more personal to who I am and what I think about. I encourage you to leave links and start conversations in the comments, as well.


University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, said to be in a coma, released from North Korea 

KKK group plans July 8 rally in Charlottesville

This news has sent shockwaves through the local community, but we've been on edge since last month, when white supremacists led by Richard Spencer showed up to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue downtown wielding torches. There are a few counter protests being organized.

Why Charlottesville's council voted to remove Robert E. Lee Statue


Bernie Sanders got Christian theology wrong. But he’s right about Islamophobia.

Trinity Sunday Sermon


Are Pets the New Probiotic?


Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich


Mayan Weavers Fight Back Against Appropriation

Your Rich Friend Who Travels


Your turn. What have you been reading this week?