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  • All Birds | Sustainably sourced wool sneakers
  • Bhava | Vegan, fashion foward shoes
  • Bourgeois Boheme | High end vegan shoes
  • Cardanas | Sweatshop free, simple sneakers (similar to Keds)
  • Deux Mains | Simple sandals, made in Haiti
  • Ethletic | Ethical sneakers from Europe
  • Etiko | Fair trade sneakers (Converse look-a-likes)
  • Everlane | Minimalist leather goods from Italy
  • Fortress of Inca | High end, trendy leather shoes
  • Mamahuhu | High quality, classic leather shoes for men and women
  • Mawu Lolo | Ethically made sandals
  • NICORA | Made in USA, vegan shoes
  • Nisolo | Classic, minimalist leather goods
  • OESH | 3-D printed sandals and shoes made in Charlottesville, VA
  • Oliberte | Fair trade certified leather shoes, made in Africa
  • Po-Zu | A full collection of sustainable shoes
  • Root Collective | Flats and boots made with traditional textiles and leather in Guatemala
  • Rothys | Washable flats made with recycled materials
  • Sole Rebels | Ethical flats and sandals for men and women
  • Veja | Ethical and eco-friendly sneakers




  • Warby Parker | One-for-One model, regulated factory
  • Retrospecced | Gently used and vintage frames with prescription lenses

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  2. Is Everlane actually ethical? Good On You gave them a real crappy rating and really dug into them.

  3. It depends on what criteria you're measuring by. They offer comprehensive health and wellbeing programs at some of their factories, use a near-zero waste factory for their denim, and are pretty good at answering questions honestly. I think the main issue for many in ethical communities is that they're not doing as much as they could be doing, especially when it comes to eco-friendly fabrics and they're unwilling to give people the names and addresses of some of their factories because, according to them, they're worried about competition from other, larger companies. I continue to support Everlane because I think they offer high quality pieces with relative transparency and sometimes really great ethics that last a really long time and work for a variety of preferred styles and lifestyles. My Everlane pieces are my most beloved pieces, hands down, and I've had some of their cotton shirts for years.

  4. Hey Leah. Have you tried Rothy's? I think the idea sounds great; I'm just wondering how durable they seem. I do a lot of walking in the city where I live and I am wondering if these would be just dressing up at work shoes or if they are sturdy.

    1. I haven't tried them, but I think Alden from EcoCult likes hers. Personally, I'm not sure about the fabric. Since it's made out of recycled water bottles, it's really just polyester and that doesn't seem very breathable.

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