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I get it. You're working with a limited budget and you need to be as strategic as possible about marketing. It can feel like a risk to work with an ethical blogger, because the up-front cost can feel like a bigger investment than using facebook or google ads, or participating in an affiliate program.

But here's the thing: established bloggers in this niche offer the best value in advertising, not only because they work diligently to maintain their reputation in a targeted category that aligns with your own, but because the suite of creative tools they offer is far more than you would receive through a traditional advertising medium.

The blogger and influencer space typically offers sponsored posts at prices lower than purchasing a half or even quarter sheet ad in a local newspaper or weekly. A newspaper may be able to tell you their circulation rate, but they don't have a targeted audience, and they can't speak to the success of individual ads. Similarly, facebook ads and other online marketing still targets a broader swath of potential customers than generally preferred, and you may end up spending money marketing to hundreds or even thousands of people who aren't ultimately convinced by your brand story.

A blogger creates more than a one-off advertisement. They create compelling images, tell your brand story, and review your products, targeting a potential customer-base who is already seeking products like the ones you provide and who trusts the authority and opinions of the blogger.

Influencer marketing is often the most effective marketing strategy for niche brands like yours. It is my passion to promote your brand with consideration and authenticity.

Let's build this movement, together.

If you're interested in my sponsorship philosophy, you're in luck, because I've written several posts about it. Click here to read my thoughts on blogging as a business.

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